You’re invited to “Writing for Young Readers – Two Authors’ Journeys” with middlegrade authors Laura Segal Stegman (Summer of L.U.C.K.) and PJ Gardner Switzer (Horace & Bunwinkle series), moderated by Kitty Felde (Fina Mendoza mysteries), at Village Well in Culver City (Los Angeles).  Thursday, March 2, 6pm Pacific time Featuring conversation, Q&A, and readings! Join […]

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Young Dragons Press’ re-issue of Summer of L.U.C.K.— with a new cover, chapter art, and a camp map —is now available in hardcover, paperback, and e-bookat IndieBound, Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play,and wherever else books are sold.

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Hi everyone! Many of you know that my journey as a kids book writer has been long and winding, and that my original Summer of L.U.C.K. publisher shut down in 2021. If you’ve been following closely, though, you also know that I signed with a new publisher shortly thereafter, and A NEW JOURNEY IS ABOUT […]

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Laura Stegman

Laura Segal Stegman is a Los Angeles-based arts publicist and author whose middle grade debut novel, Summer of L.U.C.K., was published by Young Dragons Press and will be followed by two sequels.

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